Book 1 - the worm that said "what am ?" - Blast off

"join carl on his adventure from snails to rockets!"


as you can see there are very few pictures , animations ,music and sound effects in this book , but that will all change in the next few books, this is just here for you to get a taster of the book


The Worm that said "what am i?" is a story about a worm who doesn't know he is a worm , so he embarks on the greatest adventure of his life to find , who and what he is exactly , you will laugh and cry and even fall in love as this worm asks the ultimate question , "what am i?"


The worm that said what am is a book series for adults and children , the idea is adults sometimes don't have time to read to there kids but still want to so why not put this on let the child click through the story and read along or listen with you


im hoping sometime in early 2016 , i want all books to be completed so then i can release them as a box set in the mean time why not have a look at the html5 version of the first book The worm that said "what am i?" - Blast off! this book will be free to download when the series launches


of course you can , you wont have to buy all the books if you or your child is just interested in one

all comments and donations welcome as they will go towards getting this book published in hard back ,

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